237 Melville Street
Saskatoon SK,  S7J 5H7
Phone: (306) 249-1080  Fax: (306) 249-5088
Toll Free: 1-800-TO-ROADEX (867-6233)
Email: mail@roadexservices.com

Roadex Services Ltd. was established in 1990 in Saskatoon, SK by entrepreneur, Larry Twordik and his wife Leah. Mr. Twordik realized the demand for specialized RV transportation and had a vision, which he formed into one of the largest, most successful RV and general freight transportation companies in Canada. Roadex Services Ltd. started out as a one truck operation and grew to the 60+ truck, reputable company that it is today. In 1997 Larry knew that the business had outgrown its facility so he purchased a 5 acre lot and compound and built a modern, 2 story building that included a 5 bay mechanical shop for future use. Today, the bays are housed by Korre Mechanical Inc., our in-house repair shop which is used for our fleet repairs and CVIP’s and is open to all owner-operators of Roadex Services Ltd.

In 2015, Larry’s son, Jeremy and Roadex’s financial controller of 16 years, Jaclyn purchased Roadex Services from Larry and Leah. Jeremy became an active part of the business in 1994 and as his knowledge and experience increased, he became the hub of the sales, marketing and operations departments. Jaclyn joined Roadex in 2000 with a mind for business, accounting, and budgeting and is the director of the administration and safety & compliance departments.

Today, the love and pride that Jeremy and Jaclyn have for Roadex Services is evident as they strive to maintain strong morale, recognize and acknowledge employee strengths, and continually offer customers exceptional service.

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237 Melville Street
Saskatoon SK, S7J 5H7
Phone: (306) 249-1080 Fax: (306) 249-5088
Toll Free: 1-800-TO-ROADEX (867-6233)
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